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How A Customer Centric Process Boosts Profits

70% of shoppers

Expect to configure payments on a dealership website

$291,000 additional profits

A Forrester study from 2017 reports a single point increase in the CX index would result in $291,000 per year for a modest-sized dealership

Up to 24% lift in sales

Driving Sales found that automotive sales could rise as munch as 24% if customer experience were to be improved

No race to the bottom

Customers who are engaged emotionally are significantly less sensitive to price

Outselling your competition by 85%

A focus on emotional engagement with your customer during the sales process can have profound and long-lasting results

3x more likely

Emotionally-engaged customers are at least 3x more likely to recommend your business

Loyal customer spend 67% more

As you build relationships and customers trust you more. The amount they are willing to spend increases. Loyal customers eventually spend 67% more than new customers.
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